Wednesday, 2 December 2009


We've discovered a new passion, and can't seem to get enough of it! Watching porn on your own seems somehow seedy, grubby and sordid. Doing it with someone who's hornier, randier and more daring than the people in the films is downright sexy and exciting.

It happened by accident, but we were drawn in soon enough. It's corny but horny. A woman in a cowgirl outfit in a barn who gets spanked by a big neanderthal bloke in a vest. Pure guttetral and visceral stuff going on here. Grunting and squealing. But it worked. As we watched it I sensed your bud-like nipples getting hard and I think your pussy was starting to moisten. You could tell I was aroused as my hips were moving In the way you like. As she knelt with her arse in the air and her short skirt riding around her hips while he spanked her, I put my hands into your fitted top that shows your contours so well. We started to kiss as I felt your breasts and before we knew it we were naked and on the floor. I took the palm of my big hand to the soft flesh of your pert little arse and made contact, making you squeal with delight. We were lost in the moment - his fingers now starting to work inside her as I carried on working on you. You were kneeling with your arse in the air, your tits hanging down. It was where I wanted you and where you wanted to be. The inevitable could wait. When I finally entered you you yelped like a porn star and I swear you were ready to come on the spot. But we held off while I thrusted in and out, my cock straining with excitement, you wet with anticipation. A few more and there was no holding back. Your body contorted time and again, your arse going up and down as your climax came, hitting you like a bolt of lightening. I finished and we collapsed in ecstasy, fulfilled and totally satisfied, panting and glowing. I feel some re -enactment coming on...

Wednesday, 28 October 2009


OMG am so loving what we've been up to baby. In fact I seriously can't get enough of it, and don't think you can either. Maybe it's the thrill of someone catching us but giving you a blow job in a clearing in the wood soooooooooooo did it for me.

We snogged for ages in the sunshine, turning both of us on no end until you broke off from my face for a minute, to undo your belt and fly and expose your hard cock. It stood up proud (and so it should at your age apparently!) and you just had to start to play. Until you couldn't stop yourself and I knew there was no going back. You had to climax, and I had to take you in my mouth when you did.

Wow! It was exquisite, we were both so horny - and the best thing was we got away with it. No-one, not one single person in the wood that day saw what we were up to. But, they could have done and that's the biggest thrill.

Wind on a few days and we're both lying on a deserted beach in the warm sunshine. Well, almost deserted, and again that's the thrill! My breasts were exposed and I wore a teeny weeny pair of bikini bottoms. You couldn't keep your hands off my tits and were soon fondling them as you lay virtually on top of me. I could feel your hardness pushing against the thin material of your shorts, and my bikini.

Rubbing yourself up and down against me, we almost gave in and had full sex, but somewhere there is a tiny amount of sensibility in us! So, being a little more subtle you put your hand inside your shorts and I watched - I love to watch you with your cock in your hand. Your hip movement demonstrated so clearly that you're not stopping until you've hit the highest height and sure enough you didn't today. A bit messy but oh so worth it. We had great full blown sex later reliving that little escapade.

Wind on a few more days and we're in a motorway services car park and guess what? We were both horny as hell again. I'd been rubbing your cock through your jeans for a while whilst you were driving and it needed releasing as it was a tad uncomfortable. We tried a few times but there were many, many people walking past the car, and sitting in vehicles all around us so we snogged some more and eventually gave up.

But you couldn't leave it there. We had a drink and something to eat and got back in the car. You drove to the most furthest point in the car park and stopped. Once again you released your beautiful hard cock from your jeans and I leant over and took you in my mouth. You kept an eye out for nosey do-gooders and I sucked your cock until you came in my mouth. Wow, wow, wow you tasted so good.

Babe, I'm loving that we don't have a conventional, boring sex life, and long may it continue. Now to work out how you can pleasure me whilst we're out and about. Think it's my turn don't you???!!!

Saturday, 22 August 2009


So it seems it's true what they say about red shoes - they drive men crazy, including' and especially you babe!

It was the night of one of your friends birthdays and we'd been invited to join them for drinks. I was nervous, I'd not met this friend and didn't know who else was going to be there so I felt I had to make a special effort to look good.

A trip into town secured the most amazing pair of shiny red shoes with a wickedly high heel - oh so sexy! But it didn't stop there , next stop Agent Provocateur for some underwear to match. Who can beat their range of special,sexy,beautifully made bras and knickers? I tried on a lacy red set and felt a million dollars. I had to have it despite it costing a small fortune. I knew if you'd been with me we'd have barely made it out of the changing room without you fucking me.

I changed at your house that evening , but you didn't see me get dressed - It excited me no end to come downstairs in my black and red outfit, knowing how much you'd love to devour me there and then if you'd seen my skimpy bra and thong. I was wet with anticipation by the time I'd had one glass of wine, imagining your face when we got home.

My shoes made me feel so feminine, and I knew they were having an effect on not just you but your mates also. So much so that one friend even complimented me on them - that made me feel hot.

Home, eventually, after a few more glasses, and a few more hours.I undressed whilst you were in the bathroom, down to my underwear and my shoes .................and positioned myslef on the bed provocatively and waited.

Your face was a picture when you walked in! The bra pushed my tits up just enough to create a subtle cleavage and was low enough cut to see a tiny bit of nipple. The thong was shaped up at the sides, all lace and left little to the imagination. And as for the couldn't take your eyes off my legs and feet, and said how shapely the shoes made them look. You have a way of making me feel so special babe.

You came over close to me, and held me just slightly away from you so you could look at me. Then we kissed and you were fondling my nipples through my bra; they stiffened in an instant, as did you!

Wow, the sex that followed was amazing, We were both so horny, having had to wait the whole evening. We fucked furiously, you on top of me, and then having both exploded, started again immediately with me riding you. I love that you can stay soooooooooo hard and fuck me twice like that.

Can't wait for next time I'm dressed in you can't either sexy.

Sunday, 16 August 2009


It's true what you say about the sunshine babe.  There's something about clear blue skies, endless daylight and that feeling of warmth on our skin.  Maybe it's the clothes we wear, maybe we just look and feel healthier, but it ramps up our sex life no end!

A couple of days away in the country was just what we needed.  Woods, streams, hills, quaint villages, old fashioned pubs and a nice boutique b&b.  A bit of walking and cycling, and lots and lots of intimate, rampant sex.  It started in the car on the way down, probably because we were so giddy about being away from it all.  A bit of dirty talk and I was fondling you in the fast lane of the motorway.  It was obviously turning you on, too, and making me harder all the time.  I had my hand down your top and was squeezing your nipples, the way you love it so much.  You were driving, but I carried on anyway!! 

You were so horny, but we couldn't stop, so when you reached over and started stroking my groin I just let you get on with it.  I did more than that, I unbuttoned myself and joined in!  You don't shock easily, but I think what I did that day definitely gave you a bit of a surprise! But more to the point, it turned you on just like I knew it would. 

That afternoon we went for a walk and I just couldn't leave you alone.  You were wearing a tight top that was really showing off your contours.  All of a sudden we were by the river and there was no one else around.  Could we? Dare we? 

It got to the point where we just couldn't stop.  The urge took over, the craving of addicts.  Up the embankment we scrambled and found a flat surface.  A mere few feet from the path but in another world.  After all, who walks round the countryside looking directly above? 

I wriggled out of my trousers and you yours. Not long, lingering sex, this was going to be a furious, urgent fuck.  You were wet and I entered you straight away. I could tell you were excited, so I slid in and out of you, amid the excitement that we could be caught at any time.  It didn't take you long to come, and soon for the second time that day I was exploding with ecstasy.  We held each other, laughing, before wandering across the hills back to the village. 

Pink wine in the evening sunshine paved the way for what was to come...

Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Baby this sunny weather is making me so horny - my rabbit is being overworked because I haven't been able to see you for days.

I wore my red knickers today, the ones you love with the little silver charm on the back. The ones that you say when I wear them I want to fuck - but then don't I always? Have I ever turned you down? I wore them to remind me of you and because they make me feel good.I like how they look on my body and I knew today I'd be especially horny because the sun was shining when I woke up.

I managed to go til mid morning before succumbing to the pull of my rabbit. I lay down naked and imagined that my plastic pink friend was your gorgeous stiff cock and I was immediately wet between my legs. I pushed it inside me gently at first and then more vigorously as my other hand played with my left nipple - trying to replicate what you do to me so well. Oh it felt so good.

My clit was crying out for attention and that is exactly what it got with the rabbits other specially shaped rubber bit. I imagined your mouth was on me, like the very first time we got naked together. I climaxed so quickly, and so intensely but it wasn't enough. After a quick recovery my 'friend' gave me two more beautifully satisfying orgasms which have kept me going all day.

I need to see you gorgeous, to get naked with you and feel your warm, masculine, muscly body against mine and to feel your hard cock slide inside me and penetrate me so deeply the way we both love it so much.

My rabbit does the job but isn't in the same league as you, although I think we could have some fun with your cock and my rabbit!? You'd be privileged if this happens as I've always kept my rabbit for my own private sessions.

How about it lover?!

Monday, 1 June 2009


The sex just keeps getting better.  More intense, more passionate, more creative and more addictive.  I've never met anyone so unshockable and up for exploring. 

Good foreplay is one of our secrets, and I'm loving reading erotic literature to you.  Written by women for women, these authors know good sex and how it should be done!!! Page after page of utterly rampant romping penned to be just the right side of tasteful. Love it!

It's nothing that we can't do or haven't done ourselves, but we transform ourselves onto those pages and become those characters, whose only purpose is to fuck vigorously, passionately and with a hunger to satisfy each other. 

I start with your underwear, always so well selected and the icing on a perfectly decorated cake. As the bra comes off and the knickers come down I savour your perfectly firm, pert breasts, and rub and suck your bud like nipples until they stand hard in my mouth.  I know that makes you wet, and I love to taste your sweet juices, inside and outside.  I know I have you then, just like you have me, and there can be only one conclusion.  Sometimes I take you from behind, sometimes from the front, but that moment of sliding into your moist space is a truly amazing feeling.  You like me to stay still while my gentle throbbing brings you to your first climax.  That really gets your juices going and awakens the true beast within you.  You're now up for more harder thrusting, letting me give you the full force of my cock.  If the first is an instant buzz, the second is more of a lasting sensation, to be savoured, prolongued by me cupping your tits into my broad palms and squeezing your delicate buds, setting the nerves on fire. 

Sometimes it takes you a minute to recover, but what you get, you more than give back.  You work me until I explode inside you, squirting my hot, white cum right into you.  We then lie still as I continue to jerk inside you, squeezing every last drop out as we lie holding each other. 

By this time my head is in a swirl, like I'm floating in another galaxy just falling through the stars, being swept on this tide of ecstasy. 

Thursday, 28 May 2009


Well, think the last post worked a treat baby, you've stepped things up a notch and quite frankly I'm loving it.

You're more passionate in bed, and out. And your texting has become far more sexy, flirtatious and down right dirty.

I love that you're 'wordy' and can express yourself so clearly and freely and are not in the least bit afraid to do so. Feel really close to you just now even though you're hundreds of miles away (hate that bit though!).

Our love making is the best it's ever been, even so many months down the line. Yesterday and the day before you took me to heaven and back several times in a matter of hours.

Love our little 'den' in your bed, our special place where we get naked and so, so close . Where we can be 'as one' as you rightly say, as close as close can be.

Your enthusiasm for me and my body has also increased if that's at all possible. I'm loving suprising you with new underwear - your face when you saw the pink set made purchasing it so worthwile and I feel so sexy in it. Love wearing it under my work clothes and imagining you peeling them off afterwards to reveal it.

And we're getting far more intimate and creative with out marathon sex sessions. Can't wait to spend a whole day with you soon when we can really experiment and use our bodys to the max. The thought of that is sending ripples through my body from my nipples down in between my legs.

Cried when I left you at the train station yesterday. Watched you until you disappeared, and I wandered around for a while in my own world, with you in my head. I'm so in love and so in lust with you babe its intoxicating . Keep up exactly what you're doing now and we'll go on for ever.